An entire solar system that revolves around you.

The focus is on you, with a solar system perfectly tailored to your needs and an energy concept with maximum efficiency. Learn more

Become your own power generator with a safe, fully integrated solar system.

Alexander Lüdecke
Alexander Lüdecke

Management Magdeburg

SolarEnergie© is not just a brand but also a statement, an attitude to life and a conviction. As a photovoltaic specialist partner in the Magdeburg region, we offer homeowners and businesses complete solar solutions, from personal analysis and planning to the commissioning of their own solar system. And all from a single source, with an eye for detail and a large portion of heart for a successful solar project.

You also get unique, industry-leading warranty periods and get your solar system as quickly and easily as possible.

Enphase Smart Energy Home die intelligente Energie-Lösung für dein Photovoltaik-Zuhause

Power generation and storage

photovoltaic modules
generate electricity, which is
into usable alternating current. Surplus energy is stored in the
battery storage
for further use on demand.

Intelligent energy distribution

Energy Router
controls the energy flow to your consumer devices, such as the
or the
heat pump
. The intelligent system manages when your appliances should be operated to reduce your costs.

Monitoring and control

With the Enphase app, you can keep track of your energy production and usage. You can control your own consumption and use the integrated
Home Energy Management
in real time.

And when the sun goes down, your great hour comes.

In the past, solar power was only available when the sun was shining, but now you can store the solar power you generate with our even better battery storage systems and use it at any time. Day or night, rain or shine – your solar system continuously supplies energy that you can use immediately or feed into the grid. How to make the switch to sustainable energy efficient and profitable.

As a regional Enphase partner, we are setting new standards in solar energy with the most advanced technologies and solutions that far exceed current standards. We make no compromises: neither in quality, nor in our solar technology or services. Because we want you to get an all-round successful and aesthetic solar system that doesn’t require you to make any compromises.

With our solar systems you are ahead of other solar systems.

Because you can rely on us to plan and install only the best solar systems.

Jens Ferner Technischer Leiter
Jens Ferner

Technical management

The quality of the components is crucial for the performance and longevity of your solar system. This is because every element, from microinverters to storage batteries and intelligent routers, works together with the support of artificial intelligence to ensure a stable and maximally efficient energy supply. This ensures that the systems are future-proof and that new technologies and devices can be continuously integrated.

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With over 22 million test hours per year, our Enphase systems are among the most fail-safe PV systems in the world.

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Over 42 million micro inverters delivered worldwide with high demand in Germany and neighboring countries.

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Industry-leading, above-average warranty for our micro inverter technology. Absolutely unique in Germany.

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More than 1.9 million solar systems installed worldwide. A trend towards quality awareness and durability.

The energy revolution for your home

The system that suits you perfectly

Experience a premium solar system that combines maximum performance with state-of-the-art technology without compromising on aesthetics. Our high-quality solar components, combined with above-average warranty periods, are among the best in the world. The solar technology is professionally assembled and neatly installed. Together, we will create a sustainable and efficient energy future for your home and all phases of your life with a well thought-out energy concept.

Sunny prospects

The maximum energy yield of the solar modules is guaranteed by our IQ8 micro inverters. Use and monitor the energy flow in real time with the Enphase Home Energy Management System and the Enphase app. Store surplus energy in Enphase battery storage units to retrieve it when needed and integrate electric vehicle charging stations and heat pumps. Sell surplus energy into the grid and benefit from feed-in tariffs and subsidy programs.

The solar energy company

The future of energy

We were founded out of conviction for renewable energies. Our aim is to offer high-quality photovoltaic solutions and become part of the energy transition. We promote teamwork, transparency and continuous training. This means that everyone in the team can contribute their special expertise to develop the best solutions for our customers. Our working environment promotes innovation and commitment in order to shape a sustainable energy future as a strong team.

Just drop by

We invite you to visit our solar show house and experience our first-class solar systems up close. Before you decide to buy, you have the opportunity to test the technology up close and discuss all your questions and wishes directly on site. Our impressive solar in-roof system convinces even the toughest critics and offers you a comprehensive insight into the quality and performance of our solutions.