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Solar Systems

Solar systems for home and business

SolarEnergie makes it easy to own solar system

Photovoltaics is one of the most important pillars in the expansion of renewable energies. More and more people are opting for a solar system on their own home or on commercial buildings and quickly find themselves helpless in the face of an oversupply of service providers and solar technology. Even finding a suitable offer is therefore often very laborious. Scheduling and delivery problems are also no exception. By establishing the SolarEnergie brand, we have proven that there is another way.

Enphase Smart Energy Home die intelligente Energie-Lösung für dein Photovoltaik-Zuhause

Power generation and storage

photovoltaic modules
generate electricity, which is
into usable alternating current. Surplus energy is stored in the
battery storage
for further use on demand.

Intelligent energy distribution

Energy Router
controls the energy flow to your consumer devices, such as the
or the
heat pump
. The intelligent system manages when your appliances should be operated to reduce your costs.

Monitoring and control

With the Enphase app, you can keep track of your energy production and usage. You can control your own consumption and use the integrated
Home Energy Management
in real time.

The mounting systems securely fasten the photovoltaic modules to your roof. They ensure a stable and corrosion-resistant installation that allows the modules to be optimally aligned with the sun.

to the PV mounting system

This system monitors and controls the energy flow in your household. It is often placed centrally in the house and optimizes the use of stored and produced solar power to maximize self-consumption.

to the Home Energy Management System

These modules are mounted on the roof of your house and convert sunlight into direct current (DC). They form the first step in the generation of solar energy.

to the photovoltaic modules

Installed directly under the photovoltaic modules, microinverters immediately convert the direct current generated into alternating current (AC). This makes the energy generated available safely and efficiently for household use.

to the microinverters

The battery storage unit is typically located in the house or garage. It stores surplus solar power that is not consumed immediately and makes it available when needed, e.g. at night or during power outages.

to the battery storage systems

You can conveniently monitor and control your entire solar system via your smartphone or tablet using the Enphase app. The app shows you in real time how much energy you are generating, consuming and storing.

More about the Enphase app

The Energy Router is integrated into your household and efficiently distributes solar energy between consumers, the battery storage system and the grid connection. It ensures that the energy is used where it is most urgently needed.

to the Energy Router

The wallbox is installed in the garage or carport and allows you to charge your electric vehicle quickly and safely directly at home. It uses the solar power generated or stored energy from the battery storage system.

to the wallbox

The heat pump uses energy from the ambient air, ground or water to heat or cool your home. It is usually installed outside or in the plant room and helps to reduce your heating costs.

more about heat pumps