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Home Energy Management System

Efficient energy use through state-of-the-art technology

Using energy more intelligently

Imagine you could precisely control and optimize your energy consumption. Our Home Energy Management System makes this a reality. You will receive a tool that will help you to make optimum use of the energy you generate with your solar system. This not only saves you money, but also makes an important contribution to sustainability.

Energy independence through intelligent software

Our Enphase Home Energy Management System offers intelligent control for your home. It increases your self-consumption, reduces your energy costs and minimizes the carbon footprint of your home. With the IQ Energy Router and IQ Energy Router+, you can seamlessly integrate electric vehicles and heat pumps. Our AI-controlled optimization also ensures efficient energy use and maximum savings. For example, your system can automatically reduce the energy supply when you leave the house or turn down the heating when sufficient solar heat is available.

Integrate our powerful Home Energy Management System for a shorter amortization period

The Energy Management System is characterized by its high flexibility and compatibility. It is easy to integrate and is suitable for both small and large solar systems. The user-friendly interface makes configuration and operation easier, so you can tailor the system to your individual needs. This allows you to shorten the payback period of the entire Enphase Energy Management System by intelligently controlling high energy consumption devices such as a heat pump and/or charging stations.

Our team looks forward to helping you select and install your personal energy management system.
Enphase Smart Energy Home die intelligente Energie-Lösung für dein Photovoltaik-Zuhause

Power generation and storage

photovoltaic modules
generate electricity, which is
into usable alternating current. Surplus energy is stored in the
battery storage
for further use on demand.

Intelligent energy distribution

Energy Router
controls the energy flow to your consumer devices, such as the
or the
heat pump
. The intelligent system manages when your appliances should be operated to reduce your costs.

Monitoring and control

With the Enphase app, you can keep track of your energy production and usage. You can control your own consumption and use the integrated
Home Energy Management
in real time.