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IQ battery storage Enphase

Enphase Battery storage for a Smart Energy Home

Your reliable energy storage solution with IQ energy storage from Enphase

Regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, the battery storage system ensures that the electricity generated can be stored and used or fed into the grid. Each PV storage battery is equipped with several microinverters that convert the direct current into alternating current and vice versa. The decentralized architecture ensures reliable operation, even if an inverter should fail. Our energy storage systems are also incredibly safe.

IQ battery storage, even better, even more power

With state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate technology, our Enphase IQ batteries work with low-voltage direct current, which further increases safety against fires. Thanks to their IP55 certification, they are weatherproof and suitable for the harshest conditions. The batteries can be easily retrofitted to cover your increasing energy requirements. You can monitor and manage your electricity at any time via the Enphase app. The powerful batteries are available in two sizes: 3.5 kWh and 10.5 kWh. Thanks to its modular structure, the photovoltaic system can be expanded with additional capacity at any time if required.

Use the full power of the sun

With the innovative battery storage systems from Enphase, you can transform your home into a power plant of the future. Our solar batteries store the surplus solar power and make it available exactly when you need it – be it at night or during power peaks.

Contact us now to find out how you can make the most of your solar energy and reduce your energy costs!
Enphase Smart Energy Home die intelligente Energie-Lösung für dein Photovoltaik-Zuhause

Power generation and storage

photovoltaic modules
generate electricity, which is
into usable alternating current. Surplus energy is stored in the
battery storage
for further use on demand.

Intelligent energy distribution

Energy Router
controls the energy flow to your consumer devices, such as the
or the
heat pump
. The intelligent system manages when your appliances should be operated to reduce your costs.

Monitoring and control

With the Enphase app, you can keep track of your energy production and usage. You can control your own consumption and use the integrated
Home Energy Management
in real time.