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The wallbox that thinks for itself

Discover the future of charging: your wallbox at home!

Put an end to long charging times and unreliable public charging stations – with our modern wallbox, you can charge your electric vehicle conveniently and efficiently at home. Our wallbox ensures fast charging times, maximum safety and very easy operation so that you are always ready to go.

The all-round charging solution for your electric vehicle

With our wallbox, you can check the status of your electric car, adjust the charging power and plan charging processes efficiently. The wallbox is quick to install, powerful and easy to operate. The latest generation of our wallbox is characterized by its compact design and robustness, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. New features such as voice control and standby mode make it even more convenient to use.

Experience the convenience of your own wallbox for your home!

Our wallbox adapts perfectly to your needs and ensures that you can start the next day with a full charge at any time. Let our experts advise you and find out how you can take control of your charging times and costs with our wallbox.

Contact us now and discover the easiest and most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle at home.
Enphase Smart Energy Home die intelligente Energie-Lösung für dein Photovoltaik-Zuhause

Power generation and storage

photovoltaic modules
generate electricity, which is
into usable alternating current. Surplus energy is stored in the
battery storage
for further use on demand.

Intelligent energy distribution

Energy Router
controls the energy flow to your consumer devices, such as the
or the
heat pump
. The intelligent system manages when your appliances should be operated to reduce your costs.

Monitoring and control

With the Enphase app, you can keep track of your energy production and usage. You can control your own consumption and use the integrated
Home Energy Management
in real time.